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AGWPE and Vista or Windows 7

AGWPE may be able to run on the Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit) operating systems), but for some users there may be problems that have no solutions as of July 2010.

The two most important problems are:

  • Some sound cards do not work correctly. The problem seems to be that some newer cards have separate controls for their input and output audio, and AGWPE does not have the ability to control them separately. Users with the new high definition/HD seems to be reporting this problem most frequently.
  • Also AGWPE's special  "TCPIP Over Radio/TOR" function -- which most users do not need or use --  is not working. AGWPE's TOR driver is inoperative; it needs verification from Microsoft and Microsoft does not give it for that kind of driver.

Nevertheless, AGWPE may work for you on these operating systems. Here are some hints that may be useful.

Most importantly, install AGWPE in a folder that is not within Windows' default "Program Files" folder ( C:\Program Files ).  Try creating another folder, perhaps something like C:\Ham or C:\Ham Programs and then put the AGWPE folder within that new folder.

The reason for this step is that both Vista and Windows 7 may prevent any changes to files in the Program Files folder, and AGWPE installs configuration files that need to be changed.

Some users have also suggested this: if AGWPE doesn't run at first, go into the installation folder for AGWPE (and perhaps any of its client programs). Right click on the main program executable, e.g. AGW Packet Engine.exe. Then select the Properties option and then the Compatibility tab. Set the programs to run on Windows XP (Service Pack 2) mode and also check the Privilege Level option to Run this program as an administrator. By modifying the executable, you don't have to modify any shortcuts on the desktop or start menu for this to work.

Others have said that there are other bugs, particularly with the sound card mixer settings. These bugs may be due to Windows or they may be due to the Sound Card device you have.

For example, Graeme VK3VGK found he needed to re-define the "default device" in Vista using this method:

1. Right click on speaker icon located on the Windows tool bar.
2. Select recording devices.
3. Slide scroll bar until you locate 'Line in at rear panel (Blue)' (assuming that this is the input  you are using). Then right click on that input and choose 'set as Default Device'.

Randy K6YFE found that if you do not have something actually inserted into a sound card jack, VISTA may say "no audio device installed" under the recording tab. "When I inserted the patch cord into a MIC connection, VISTA then indicated a front MIC audio device and AGWPE works correctly."

Also, note that client packet programs that work with AGWPE may themselves not work in Vista at this point. If you have any suggestions to add, please e-mail me, NM5RM.


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